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Icons Plane You may not have noticed, but while you were asleep, the world changed. It looks suspiciously the same but it’s not the same as yesterday, last week, or five years ago. It keeps changing and we are forced to change with it. Less is More isn’t just a catch phrase now. It simply makes good sense. We are starting to build tiny. Icon Warrington Hammer

The Studio is now offering carpentry and tiny House workshops. These are courses on tools, materials, framing, making knock down furniture, framing doors and windows and setting them in place. These basic classes give folks interested in construction, remodeling, or building tiny homes, a resource and a way to get started on building.

I am not suggesting that everyone live in a tiny House. But there’s something about living a bit easier on the earth that has always seemed right to me. If we can help folks figure out a way to do this and, with an exclamation, do it using good design and solid construction principles, then we’re not just for it. We want to help lead the way.

Tiny Houses also give us a chance to try out some big design ideas on a small scale. They give us the chance to design an environment where every construction detail is considered and done well. It’s an opportunity to create for our lives a sense of place that most everyone can relate to.

The world changed and it did not get simpler to live in. Building tiny is our way of making a part of it simpler again.

tiny House Workshops

tiny House Workshops
  • Chair

    Camp Chair

    Liz Meyer
    Feb. 11-12, Sat.-Sun. 10am-5pm
    Level: All levels welcome
    Cost: $265
    Materials: $25

    Build tiny, build smart, and build a knock-down design that is comfortable and fun to make.