Masterworks: 3 Drawer Case
Collector's Case Details 008
with Master Woodworker Gary Rogowski
July 8-12, Mon-Fri, 10am-5pm
Beyond beginning level
$1025 (materials: Materials included)
Registration Closed

There is a neatness and comfort to a well made drawer in a case. This requires a precision and fit to make this happen. In this Masterworks Workshop learn to make a dovetailed case and the three drawers to fit into it. As seen in Fine Woodworking issue #249 in July of 2015, this case incorporates details and texture such as proud dovetail joints, side hung drawers, lined drawer bottoms, and inlaid pulls.

Learn to cut dovetails with a router and Keller Dovetail Jig so that we can build our case the first day. Next we'll discover methods for cutting the stopped dadoes for the drawer runners. Gluing and shaping the joints will take up some time to get just right, but the effect is beautiful.

Fitting drawers is an art. Get methods for fitting your drawer parts and then learn a simple method for building these drawers that will have them cut in an afternoon. Discover methods for lining drawer bottoms that include velvet, felt, leather, or decorative papers.  We will construct our drawers and then cut drawer runner grooves so that we can start the fitting process. Fitting our drawers is where our precise work will all come to fruition as we scrape and hand plane our way to a smooth sliding drawer.

Our last bit of work is cutting and fitting the inlaid drawer pulls. The diamond pattern, once you know the steps, is a beautiful and simple pattern to create and inlay and adds a dimension to the work that you won't find in most drawer work. Join us for a fascinating week of joinery: precision plus patience will yield the results for you. This will be a fun and very instructive week.

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