XBuilding tiny: Intro to Tools & Materials
Spoon Carver Intro
Instructor: TBD
April 9-10 Saturday and Sunday, 10am to 5pm
All levels welcome
$265 (materials: Included)

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Everybody starts woodworking as a complete novice. Intro to Tools & Materials is the first step toward understanding woodworking. You never know, it may become a real passion. This class gets you learning right away about the things that you can use in building a structure, built-ins, or furniture for your tiny House. Learn what to buy, what to borrow, and what to salvage.

Materials come first. Wood, hardwood vs. softwood, dimensional lumber vs. thicknessed stock, sheet goods: plywood, particle board, ultra-light MDF. Whew, there is a bunch of stuff to learn about materials that you can buy at any home store or lumber yard. Come and learn the differences in use and quality and cost. There will be a general discussion about dimensional lumber used for framing a wall, trimming out a door, or building a shelf. Next we'll talk about the hardwood yard and what treasures you can find there. There are also reclaimed yards where you can pick through old, distressed, and beautiful old beams and planks for your project. Sheet goods like plywood offer you a range of strengths, applications, and looks. Come and see the differences between veneered plywood and outdoor plywood called CDX. [C grade on one side, D grade on the other side, Exterior glue]. Learn about building with sheet goods. 

Once you decide on materials, we can talk tools. Which ones can you borrow, which ones can you buy used, which ones do you want to spend money on and keep forever? We'll talk tools and do a small project using saws and drills to put together a small plywood tool tote. Next we'll move onto hand tools and practice some with the ones you'll need for making handles friendly to grip or rounding over the edge of a seat. These are tools to have in your kit and we'll go over how and where to buy them.

The second day we will take what we learned, review, answer questions, and then build a small tool tote in plywood. You'll get practice measuring, sawing, shaping, and assembling. Plus you'll walk away with a neat little project. 

Join us for a great introduction to tools and materials that you will use in building your tiny House, improving the insides of your big house, or in making furniture for yourself.  

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