Handplanes: Tuning and Using
Class Handplanes Spokeshave
Peter Stevens
Monday evenings, Feb. 18 and Feb. 25 6-9pm
All levels welcome
$145 ($140 cash or check) (materials: All materials included)
Registration Closed

The hand plane is the soul of a woodworker’s tool kit. A sharp well tuned hand plane can change your life. 

Or at least your woodworking life. As a tool, it is a revelation that brings light to all the dark corners of your
shop. With one in hand you can trim joints to fit perfectly, chamfer edges for a great feel, flatten, smooth, 
and burnish a wood surface so cleanly that no sandpaper is required. Planes are really time savers in the
shop. Learn how to tune and use one in this workshop and prepare to be amazed.

There are several different categories of hand planes. Learn about all of them, how to find and tune up
used planes and which plane you should always buy new. Discover methods for identifying which bench
planes to buy and which to avoid. Learn about plane irons and chipbreakers and their importance. You
will use bench planes on edges and surfaces and practice techniques for easy and gnarly grain. Learn how
to stand at the bench and use your legs for plane work and how to hold your work securely at any bench.
Get experience with block planes and learn their tremendous value for any woodworker. Finally learn
sharpening techniques for plane irons that will produce great results.

This workshop will give you practical experience so you can start enjoying the accuracy and smoothness
of a sharp hand plane. Come and learn from a hand plane nut how to tune and use your hand planes so
that they can save you time in the shop.

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