Joinery Concentration
Ice Table
with Master Woodworker Gary Rogowski
June 10-14 10am to 5pm, Mon-Fri
All Levels welcome
$890 ($875 with cash or check) (materials: Included)
Registration Closed

Joinery takes practice plus accuracy plus patience. And a bit more patience.

Wedged Tenons

Join us for five days of practice, accuracy, and patience at the bench. Practice, because any skill requires this. You need to practice cutting joints in order to get good at this job. Accuracy is the cornerstone of good joinery. Learn how to sneak up on a fit and you’ve come a long way towards understanding this art. Patience is needed for any bit of woodworking. See how your results will change when you slow down, when you concentrate on the work right in front of you.

Take the time, join us and immerse yourself in the art of joinery. It will be a fun class where you will learn hand skills for sawing and chisel work as well as tuning your fit with hand planes. Get time on the router table and with a drill press to create mortise and tenons. And build several small projects that will delight you in years to come. You'll get time to cut mortise and tenons in a small table project, learn how to cut rabbets for box joinery, and hand cut some dovetails, maybe for the first time. Certainly not the last.

Come and see why Gary is one of woodworking’s most dynamic lecturers. His wit, vast knowledge of furniture making, and his experience in the field make his lectures lively, entertaining, and above all highly informative.

This class is open to all levels but qualifies as a Masterworks class for those interested in the Mastery Program.

Ice Table Front           Alder Till