Design Strategy: Making Your Bed
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with Master Woodworker Gary Rogowski
Nov. 10, 10am-5pm
All Levels welcome
$145.00 (materials: Included)

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How many times have you wanted to design something just for your place, your space, just for you? Beds are of course very personal. We spend a good deal of our lives in them. Come and learn how to make your own in your own fashion. There are functional requirements which are slightly variable, aesthetic requirements, which are extremely variable, and construction requirements, which are almost set in stone. Discover how to address each of these needs for your bed.

Learn about bed sizes, mattress and futon supporting systems, and the knock down hardware that is available for use. Bed frames, the headboards and footboard we sleep between are a canvas for your imagination. What will you put there to lull you to sleep? The limits are in your skills but also in your willingness to dream. We will spend time drawing and designing headboards and do a bit of work modeling them as well. There is nothing better than having a model of your design to study and tweak. We will make ours in wood or cardboard depending on how fleshed out the design becomes. 

This workshop will train you how to think like a furniture maker. Come join the fun for a day of design.

1 Craft Style Bed Gr       1 Mahogany Bed Gr