Wooden Hand Plane Making
High Angle Block Plane
with Master Woodworker Gary Rogowski
June 18-22, Mon-Fri, 10am to 5pm
Beginning and beyond
$890 [$875 check or cash] (materials: $50-75 estimated depending on blade size)

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There is nothing cooler in the shop than grabbing the wood hand plane that you have made to take a shaving down the length of a board. It is astonishing and miraculous! It is also possible for you to make several of them in this workshop. Join us for a week long class designing, building, tuning and using your own wood hand planes. 

First we will build a bench plane with your choice of a smoothing style or jack plane. We will use Hock plane irons designed specifically for use in wooden hand planes. Using European Beech for the plane body and your choice of wood for a sole, learn how to cut, clean and create the interior of the plane body. Get techniques for creating the shape to hold the plane iron and the wedge in place. Learn sharpening techniques for the Hock iron you choose from 1" to 1 1/2" in width. You'll glue up your plane body day one and laminate on the sole. Then learn how to lay out the important blade geometry and how to saw this. Shape the plane body using the band saw, rasps, and spoke shave. Discover methods for sharpening and for fine tuning your plane so that you can be taking great shavings.

After our wooden bench plane is built, we will turn our attention to building a high angle block plane. Block planes have long had a spot on the bench and can come in many varieties, from a standard angle utility block plane to a low angle version for slicing easily through end grain. But a high angle block plane can go through any kind of difficult grain, tiger striping, or figure with no risk of tear-out because of its blade geometry. Learn how to use this geometry to your advantage. Then discover how to harden and temper tool steel to make your own irons for this job. This is great fun and we do right here at the Studio. 

It is a revelation to make your own hand planes. Come and learn how. A whole new world will open up for you.

Corey Plane2  Wooden Hand Plane

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