Shaping Table Legs
Rubys Knees 001
with Master Woodworker Gary Rogowski
Apr. 7-May 5, Tuesdays from 5 to 8pm
Bench Projects: Beginning and beyond
$475 ($460, cash or check) (materials: All materials included)

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How many leg shapes have you seen and admired? One of the beauties of wood is how malleable it is. You can shape it to create flowing curves or straight tapers, carve it into a slipper or curved foot, make it rough and textured or smooth as glass. The number of shapes possible is infinite. Learn about methods for shaping wood to create stunning table leg shapes that will open up design possibilities for you as you create five different leg shapes in this Masterworks class.

We start with design. How does one create a pleasing shape? What are the qualities of proportion, material size, wood choice, and form that create a beautiful or memorable shape? Learn to model with cardboard and clay to investigate leg shapes and then taken on full size leg prototypes to examine your choices.

Learn to work with the band saw and jointer to rough out shapes. Get practice with router table template work. Discover the double pleasure of shaping legs with hand tools as you fair curves or straighten lines as well as smooth surfaces with hand plane or spokeshave. Learn to work with rasp, file, and scraper for more intricate shaping jobs.

This class qualifies as a prerequisite for our Mastery Programs. 

Table Legs