The Hand Tool Shop 1: Tools, Sharpening, and Inlay
Class Handplanes Spokeshave
with Master Woodworker Gary Rogowski
April 2 - 6th 10am-5pm daily, Mon-Fri
All Levels Encouraged
$850 ($825 with Cash or check) (materials: Included)

Pay by cash or check
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Weekly Workshops

Week 1: 4/2 - 4/6  Tools, Sharpening, Inlay

Week 2: 4/9 - 4/13  Carving and Shaping

Week 3: 4/16 - 4/20  Dovetails and Steam Bending

Week 4: 4/23 - 4/27  Joinery and Building Sawhorses

The Hand Tool Shop is a quiet one. It’s a place for concentration and focus with the noise of the busy world put away. It’s a place to get acquainted with your tools and your body and your bench so you can produce some beautiful things.

Week One we will focus on Tools, Sharpening, Measuring Techniques, and Inlay. You will pull together your tool kit and/or add to it while learning how to sharpen your chisels, plane irons, and scrapers. Having a thorough knowledge of sharpening improves your mood and your cuts in the shop because you aren't blaming your dull blades. Learn the best methods for keeping that edge sharp. Then discover how to lay your material out and mark it for joints. In this first week, we'll make a small finger jointed box with an inlaid top.

Inlay work is a revelation. Discover simple methods for making your piece shine. Using dowels or plugs cut on the drill press, you can inlay patterns to accentuate the grain of your panel or the edge of an elegant curve. Learn how to do stringing and straight line inlay and then see how to make and cut curved inlay patterns. With carving tools in hand you can start to make fantastic shapes to put into your work.

Join us for any one of these four weeks or join the entire program for a savings of $425 off the weekly costs. You’ll learn a great deal, have fun working at the bench, create beautiful projects, and give yourself the time you deserve to enjoy the pleasures of The Hand Tool Shop.

This is a Masterworks Class with Gary Rogowski. It qualifies as a prerequisite course for our Mastery Program.

1 Gr Finger Jointed Cabinet Detail 001