Joinery Concentration: Dovetails
Alder Till
with Master Woodworker Gary Rogowski
Aug. 26-30, 10am-5pm daily, Mon-Fri
All Levels welcome
$890 ($875 check or cash) (materials: Included)

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Dovetail Corner1

Dovetail joints are the symbol of woodworking excellence. They require accuracy, precise cutting, and patience. To do them well is not a quick job, but it is more than possible for a woodworker ready for a challenge. Come learn how to cut dovetails as we create several carcases with both through and half blind dovetails. Cut by hand, by you.

Learn to cut simple quick dovetails as a warm-up: The Five Minute Dovetail made so popular by Gary's articles and videos on them. Then learn precise methods for lay-out and spacing of your tails and pins.

Come and see why Gary is one of woodworking’s most dynamic lecturers. His wit, vast knowledge of furniture making, and his experience in the field make his lectures lively, entertaining, and above all highly informative.

This class is open to all levels but qualifies as a Masterworks class for those interested in the Mastery Program.