Masterworks: The Rogowski Stool
Rogowski Stool Class
with Master Woodworker Gary Rogowski
Sept. 16-20, Mon.-Fri. 10am-5pm
Intermediate Level
$1045 (materials: Materials included)

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Stool Oak

This stool project first saw the light of day in 1978 in Gary’s shop. Influenced by several Scandinavian and Chinese pieces, it's been a favorite design to build through the years. Built entirely with through wedged tenons, it's a design that is comfortable, timeless, and durable. Learn about the properties of compound angled joinery as well as the value of jigs, templates, router, and hand work in this challenging class.

There are several important mortising and shaping jigs that each student will need to master. Learn mortising techniques for the plunge router, router table tenon cuts, and shaping legs and rails with jigs and templates. You’ll get practice with both power and hand tool techniques as you shape the seat with a body grinder and spoke shave. Discover how valuable your spoke shave really is for shaping and get practice with the scraper. Assembly of this stool is true excitement in the wood shop but in the end you’ll walk away with a classic design you’ll be proud to say that you made.

   Thru Tenons  1 Proud Boys Stool Class  2008 Stool Glue