Winter 2014

3 Simple Finishes
3 Finishes with Master Woodworker Gary Rogowski
January 29th, 5pm - 8pm
All Levels
$79 ($75 wtih cash or check)

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Here it is. An opportunity finally to learn about all those mystifying cans of finish on your shelf. Forget spray booths, dust-free shops, and hard to apply finishes. Learn 3 simple hand applied finishes that will give you easy application and repair qualities while supplying a protective barrier on your furniture. You don’t need fancy equipment and a spray booth to finish your furniture. You do need solid information, good light and clean rags in order to create beautiful finishes.

We’ll start with the simplest finish to apply, oil. Learn about drying and non-drying oils, how to apply for maximum penetration, and rubbing out. Then we’ll naturally progress into finishes with more body to them that also use oil: varnishes. There are oil/ varnish mixtures, wiping oils, tung oils, wiping varnishes, an array of possibilities for us to learn. Finally discover the miracle finish: shellac. All natural and edible, shellac offers good protection, quick drying, and excellent rubbing out qualities.

Learn when to use which finish, how to apply them all, how to finish off your finish, and see what kind of results to expect. If you build furniture, you'll want to attend this lecture. It will be packed with great finishing information that you can use.