Summer 2014

Introduction to Woodworking
Class Introduction To Woodw with Tom Nichols
10 Tuesdays beginning January 14th, 5pm - 8pm
I - Fundamental Woodworking
$475 ($450 with cash or check) (materials: $25)
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This class takes place on 10 consecutive Tuesday nights, beginning on January 14th.

Everybody starts woodworking as a complete novice. Start here, learning about hand tools, wood, and simple techniques in this introductory class. We will show you the basics of woodworking tools, how to buy them, use them and keep them sharp. There is a big difference in tools and we’ll show you measuring and marking tools like squares and marking gauges and cutting tools like chisels, saws, and planes. We will teach about wood, what is a good piece of wood to start with and what you should definitely save for later. Get practice with a variety of different woods so you can feel the difference in your hands.

We start by building a simple, useful coat rack that will introduce you to the craft and how to work wood. Get practice with lay-out tools and measuring accurately before you learn techniques for safe band saw use. Learn how to cut curves and straight lines on the band saw and then get methods for shaping edges with rasps, files, and spokeshaves. Another machine we use is the drill press. Learn techniques for safe and accurate drilling that teach you about accurate lay-out so your results turn out great. We move onto other projects like a carved wooden spoon and a small box throughout the term.

If you’ve been considering woodworking as a hobby or craft to investigate, this is the class for you. Woodworking is about as much fun as you can have by yourself on a rainy day. Come and find out why.