Fall 2012

Arts and Crafts Towel Rack
Arts And Crafts Towel with Jack Reynolds
Beginner to Intermediate
$199.50 ($190 with cash or check) (materials: $25)

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Build an Arts & Craft Style Towel Rack using simple techniques with both hand and power tools. This
two day workshop introduces all the important concepts for a furniture maker: careful planning, accurate
lay-out and measuring, joinery cutting and fitting, shaping techniques and finishing. You will walk away
with a beautiful white oak towel rack with a fumed and oiled finish in the tradition of the Arts & Crafts
movement. Use our tools or bring your own and learn how to use your saw, chisels, scrapers, and hand
planes for their best results. You’ll get time on the band saw and router table shaping wood and cutting
joinery. Plus learn how to make a wedged mortise and tenon joint. This is a great project and a nice way
to get started building in the Arts & Crafts style.