6 Board Sea Chest
6 Board Chest Side
Kate Fox
Aug. 6-10 Mon-Fri. 10am-5pm
Beyond beginner
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The inspiration for this project is the Hedeby Sea Chest, a 6 board chest with a characteristic 5 degree slope in towards the top. Two vertical end boards are joined to the horizontal long sides. A lift-off top with battens acts as a lid and a single board is mortised into the bottom. What could be simpler?

Throughout history there have been many examples of designers from different parts of the world converging upon a single idea. This is because the design is usually one that makes sense at some level. The 6 board chest is one of these. The designer takes advantage of the strength of wood vertically and uses that for the ends and feet of the chest. The longer sides use the boards horizontally. There are examples of this chest design from the 16th century. The secret to the longevity of these chests was to nail the joints together which allowed for some movement while taking advantage of the grain strength of the wood.

Join us Monday morning for a discussion of the Sea Chest's history, its place in various cultures, methods for building it, tools we will use, and a discussion of wood movement. We start building the chest that day in this exploration of ancient joinery, history, and craft techniques that are still alive today. We will build our chest in alder, work the surfaces with hand planes for a great textured finish and cut out joints by hand and band saw. Glue up is crucial. Learn simple techniques that will help ensure great results in assembly. Discover how to lay out for nails and inlaid plugs and get some finishing tips to make this a great chest to take to sea or the front porch. 

6 Board Chest .   

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Kate Fox is a 2015 graduate of the Mastery Program. Her design work is inventive, eclectic, yet modern. Yet Kate's interest in all things medieval infuses her class work and building time. 

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